What's TradePlayz?

Gaming + Trading

TradePlayz is the combination of two industries in one. It is equal parts mobile gaming and mobile trading, collectively. TradePlayz is a mobile platform for playing «Fantasy Crypto Trading» with real rewards.

The games are held in a playoff tournament style with a true environment that breeds competition. Survival of the fittest. The games are conducted and based on real time quotes coupled with blockchain technology. The ZED token is issued by us and is the official currency of the TradePlayz platform.

Telegram Integration

TradePlayz is seamlessly integrated into the Telegram ecosystem, allowing users to tap into its capabilities directly from their Telegram Mini App (TMA). This integration enhances the user convenience and fluidity in playing, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. It also empowers TradePlayz to leverage Telegram's secure messaging infrastructure and user-friendly interface. Enjoy real-time notifications, direct access to the Telegram wallet, and the added benefit of rewards for players.

Value Propositions

  • Honesty: Trade is between live people / users / players. Everyone plays and operates on the same equal footing and fair terms, in real time, to ensure the thrill, excitement and pleasure of the TradePlayz atmosphere. No one has an edge or advantage, except for their knowledge or skill. May the best player win!

  • Profitability: Minimum stakes with a large margin. With a low entry threshold and a large potential profit for the winner, we have created an environment where knowledge and skill pays, and the potential payout is big!

  • Legality: The TradePlayz game is a «game of skill» not «game of chance», so it is allowed almost everywhere around the globe. Making it possible for users to not only use their knowledge, where many could not have the same opportunity before; but profit from their dedication to evolving their intelligence within the investment world.

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