Game Types

Each user / player will have a wide variety of competitions to participate in — from private bets to large tournaments. Each tournament, no matter the size, will guarantee rewards / winnings to the winner. Powered by the knowledge and skill of the user / player, while also increasing their confidence and knowledge at the same time.

For the realization of the games, we took the basis of 1 minute per round duration. The complexity of the mechanic is based on a mathematical equation of the efficiency of a wager.

The result of each barter is calculated using:

R=x1(Dd1)+x2(Dd2)+...+xN(DdN)R=x1*(D-d1) + x2*(D-d2) + ... + xN*(D-dN)


R — Result D — Price at the moment of the end of the round d1 — Price at the moment of wager No1 х1 — Size of wager No1

As such, a player should not only strive for the correct prognosis, but also for the moment of action: the higher the difference of value between the currency — the bigger the prize, in addition it provides an edge over the player’s opponent at any given stage of the tournament.

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